Electricity Services

We hired skilled, specialised and trained staff to undertake all electrical repairs and new installation to give quality work. We also provide comprehensive services to smoothen your environment with best possible solution that can be trusted.

What Are Electrician Services?


Electrician services refer to distributing and transmitting electricity, current, lights, power lines, cables, and wires. It includes installing, repairing, maintaining, and servicing electrical and electronic equipment for commercial, domestic, and industrial purposes.


Importance of Hiring Electrician Services
Housing complexes need a regular electrician visit to ensure a thorough power supply. If any electrical issue occurs, it needs to get immediately resolved by an expert electrician. Otherwise, it can quickly turn hazardous in minutes. So you can’t deny the importance of a professional electrician for housing complexes.


On the other hand, IT parks and corporate offices majorly depend on stable electricity and robust internet connectivity. In an electrical disruption, the entire workflow will have to stop. So ensuring immediate professional assistance is the key demand of any IT or corporate office.


Similarly, no commercial space can afford electrical issues like power cuts, improper power supply, and faults. If they cannot get an electrician urgently, they would have to suffer a lot. Putting an end to productivity, an electrical disruption will cost you so much disorder in any commercial place.


What Are The Services We Offer?

To ensure proper electrical function every time and get professional assistance for any electrical issue, you need to contact 360 Facility Services now. Our expert electrician with the right equipment can quickly solve any electrical problem ataffordable prices. We provide complete electrical solutions for housing complexes, IT parks, offices, and other commercial places. So reach us now to get expert assistance for all your electrical needs.


Please check the services we offer to understand in which sector you would like to have our help –

  • Repair and Installation of Generator
  • Lighting Installation
  • Replacement, Installation, and repair of Electrical Panel
  • Lighting Repair
  • Maintaining industrial electrical appliances
  • Appliance Installation and Maintenance
  • All Electrical Repairs
  • Commercial Electrical Services
  • Installation, repair, and maintain of electrical services for housing apartments
  • Running all safety checks
  • Complete maintenance of electricity inside commercial grounds
  • Repair, maintenance, and installation of electrical panels
  • Electrical Service Upgrade
  • Industrial equipment installation and maintenance
  • Designing electrical systems and blueprints
  • Socket Switch Installation
  • Entire Home Surge Protection
  • Entire Office Surge Protection
  • Industrial Electrical Services


Why Should You Choose 360 Facility Services?

  • Certified Electricians At Your Doorstep

We provide you with certified and well-trained electricians for all your electrical problems. Our exceptional training and screening programs are designed to select the best electricians to provide you with optimum service quality. They possess extensive experience in this field, so you can rely on us for your safety. We maintain a high level of service. So you can be completely assured of gaining accurate and long-term solutions to any electrical issue in residential, commercial, and industrial places.


  • Quality Workmanship

Assuring you the best quality services is something we thrive on every occasion. We believe in ensuring the utmost quality artistry in every project. Our trained and certified electricians can handle any recurring electrical issue in the domestic, industrial and commercial sectors. So, 360 Facility Services is your one-stop destination for all your electrical needs.


  • Flexible Scheduling

At 360 Facility Services, we give 100% priority to your time. We know that you want to arrange an electrician appointment as you prefer. So we offer you highly customizable services with flexible scheduling. So, find the correct time for the electrician visit and schedule an appointment with us by contacting us.


  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

Guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction is our priority. We ensure proper diagnosis of any current electrical issue, and therefore we work on providing accurate and quick solutions. Electronic hazards can be a threat to your safety. So we never compromise on the quality of work we provide. Our primary goal is to ensure a comprehensive electrical solution for your requirements that consistently exceeds your expectations.


  • Immediate professional assistance

We know any minor electrical fault can turn into a dangerous, life-threatening event if not addressed immediately. So we provide you with accurate electrical solutions on an urgent basis. We ensure total safety and protection while guaranteeing a quick solution to any electrical problem.


  • Reasonable Prices

Receiving electrical solutions is essential for everyone. That’s why we offer our best services at reasonable rates so that everyone can afford to have a trained electrician whenever needed. Our prices follow the market rates to provide the optimum solution at the most cost-effective prices. So don’t delay any further. Reach us today and get the accurate solution for any electrical need now.