Carpentry Services

We provide highly trained and skilled carpenters to cater customers’ need
maintaining all safety standards. The services includes undertaking repair,
maintenance, renovation and new installation work under expert guidance
using high end tools and raw material which can be genuinly trusted

Carpenter Services


Carpentry Services provides preventive maintenance of structures, roofing systems, downspouts, and minor masonry repairs. Other typical services include replacing broken or worn-out items in common areas and offices, such as windows, doors, desks, chairs, cupboards, and worktops. Customers want help with various tasks such as setting up office furniture and fittings and minor renovations.


Do you have a spot in your office or house where custom shelves from a carpenter would be ideal? A wood fence may only need minor adjustments. There is no need to look any farther since 360 Facility can care for your carpentry needs.


Carpentry services offer for both internal and exterior projects by our team of qualified, experienced craftsmen. Skirting board and architrave repairs, as well as bespoke wood furniture, fall under this category. Your ideas and your demands only limit us. Is there a particular room in your house or office space that you’d like to have a piece of bespoke furniture manufactured for? Looking around the internet for design inspiration will help we better understand your vision.


Our Carpentry Services include everything from building to installing.
Our carpenters and furniture makers have an average of 15 years of expertise in the home remodeling field. Installing and constructing wooden worktops, cabinets, and bookshelves are just a few things we can do.


Restoration & Refurbishment of Crown Molding

Your home’s aesthetic appeal and marketability may be improved with the effective use of crown molding installation. Our licensed and insured carpenters can perform any transformation you need, no matter your style.


Decorative Bookcases & Shelves

In addition to assembling store-bought shelving systems, we can create custom shelves and bookcases from scratch to satisfy particular requirements.


Cabinets & Mantels Designed to Your Specifications
You can count on us to construct bespoke cabinets and mantels for your office and house in any style and size you want.


Make, Build, Maintain, Repair & Do More!
We at 360 Facility are well-versed in the difficulties of running a small business or a big corporation. You don’t need to take stress about the various carpentry urgent tasks in and around your workplace are taken care of. As a result, our commercial Carpentry Services in Delhi for small businesses and corporate offices come into play. You can rely on 360 facility services to get the job done right, from putting together new furniture to repairing old ones.


We Take Care Of Carpentry so that You Can Concentrate on Your Company.
We’ve got you covered in commercial Carpentry Services in Delhi for restaurants and businesses in the foodservice industry. We service restaurants ranging from fine dining to fast food and takeout, family, chain, and health food establishments. In addition, we provide commercial Carpentry Services in Delhi (NCR) to offices, IT Parks, Hotels, coffee shops, and donut chains. Because of our extensive experience in the culinary industry, you can rely on us for all of your repair and maintenance needs. We are reliable, locally owned, and have a long service history.


Our Promise to You: Delivered on Time and Correctly!
Commercial Carpentry Services in Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon for retail stores, shopping malls, and shopping centers are something we specialize in providing. When it comes to our business repair contractors, they’re not your run-of-the-mill handymen. Every one of our workers has at least ten years of experience and is highly knowledgeable in various fields. It means that our work is high quality and a guarantee backs it.


We provide manufacturing facilities with commercial Carpentry Services in Delhi so that they can keep their operations running smoothly. In contrast to hiring an ordinary carpenter, 360 Facility is a unique service. The first thing to note is that 360 Facility’s contractors have an average combined tenure of more than ten years. They ensure that their work is consistent and that they can get any job done right the first time.



Many facilityowners claim that finding a trustworthy and competent home repair service is challenging. You can count on your local 360 Facility team of 360 Facility professionals to care for your facility across Noida & Gurgaon. There are numerous reasons why calling your local 360 Facility is the best option for home repairs.


Many people have taken advantage of the services of 360 Facility Services across Noida & Gurgaon, and Pune. So, what gives? A responsive and professional approach to customer service because we only hire technicians with at least ten years of experience. Perhaps this is because our technicians answer to both you and us. It may be because 360 Facility’s technicians are well-versed in various tasks. If you’re looking to get the job done quickly and correctly, we’re your best option.


360 Facility group as a whole
We’re not just one person; we’re a group. From the moment you call 360 Facility, you’ll work with an entire team of 360 Facility experts. Whether you’re dealing with a friendly customer service representative or a highly skilled technician, you can always expect the best from us.


Mechanics and Repairmen
Service technicians arrive in marked 360 Facility vans with various tools and supplies. You can rely on 360 Facility’s technicians for any repair, maintenance, or improvement project, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.



Is it possible for the carpenter to do many tasks in one visit?
Yes, if you provide our carpenter with a detailed list of all the work that has to be done on or around your property, you may save a lot of money. Your carpenter can collect all of the materials and tools he needs for the work in a single trip. It will save you money and time.


What is the time entirely taken for the installation of my furniture?
It should take two to three weeks for the furniture to manufacture once you have placed an order and paid a deposit with the supplier. Delivery of the supplies and work by our joiners will occur during this period. We’ll contact you when the furniture is ready to arrange a delivery and installation date.


The fitting and final touches of the furniture shouldn’t take more than a few days, depending on the number of pieces. We need your presence at this point in the process so that you can inspect the fitting and give final approval to the delivery.


My resources are limited. Is there anything you can do for me?
The kind of job and the supplies required will determine this. We’ll talk about costs and how much you’re willing to give up if the estimate is higher than expected during the consultation. After the job has begun, we stick to the original quotation, and there are no additional expenses. A new price and invoice will be generated if you want other services.


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