Facade Cleaning Services

A business is not only represented by the sales charts, but an impression builds with a clean and well-maintained office; not only that, it reveals the owner’s personality. The maintenance of the office helps you gain clients’ confidence and leaves a positive mark. Having a big and beautiful office in high-rise buildings is a dream but maintaining those glass facades is a big task. 360 Facility joins as a super savior here! We are a leader in providing Facade Cleaning Services in Delhi NCR.

How did the dirt hit our closed office?

Thanks to the city pollution, we always see the window glasses full of dust and stains. The country’s pollution is visible to the world, and from time to time, facade and glass cleaning is essential in the Delhi NCR region. Clean air is a dream now. While this happens in the future, let’s keep your office environment neat and clean. The facade glass is prone to dust and sensitive enough to get scratches quickly. It requires regular cleaning. The in-house staff cannot keep the facades clean as they don’t have the needed expertise and resources. Take the aid of 360 Facility as they are excellent at their work and are known to introduce innovative better ways than any other Facade cleaning service companies in Gurgaon.


Why 360Facility?

One should understand the company’s culture before giving them the responsibility to clean glass facades. Facade and Glass cleaning is a responsible task, and one should not take it lightly. Attention to minute detail and discipline is a must in this service. The team involved must be careful; else, the people cleaning the glass might hurt themselves. 


To maintain these giant glass windows free from stains and dust, one needs an expert like 360 Facility in facade cleaning. We understand that it demands a separate set of tools, and the companies should not use the same tools to clean multiple offices as they often damage the beauty and shine of glasses, leaving permanent scratches on them. 


360 Facility Services is leading among Facade cleaning services companies in Noida & Gurgaon with an expert team to pull off these cleaning tasks- a high-rise building or a side window. Our experts perform the cleaning process professionally and leave the place bright and shiny.


Nothing is more precious than human life. We know the tasks that the company takes involve high risk. We make sure to prioritize safety and customer satisfaction equally. Professionals with excellent training and skills are a must, but we also make sure to provide them with comfortable and adequate working equipment like a chair to perform well and finish the tasks at hand on time. The cable-tied should be of the best quality to avoid accidents. The cleaning agents used are of superior quality for a smooth finish. It forms a protective layer over the glass to keep it clean longer than usual. We don’t use harsh chemicals which cause harm to the professionals using it and degrade glass quality. For the safety of the professionals, we make sure they are insured and take every health and safety measure.


The latest facade and glass cleaning equipment and tools are used for window washing and glass cleaning. Personal care ensures each window frame is left shiny and spotless. Little corners are cleaned thoroughly for a perfect finish. Every aspect of cleaning is as essential for us as the primary task of facade and glass cleaning. You can rely on us blindly!


A man is as efficient as his work environment, so if you are looking for a facade and glass cleaning service, choose the right one after understanding their work. The company focuses on letting you enjoy clean exteriors similar to your beautiful interiors. It focuses on building a positive image, and we take care of every cleaning when you hire us. Companies, IT Parks and Business owners hire us to provide best Facade Cleaning Services in Delhi NCR.