Housekeeping Services in Noida

360 Facility is a name that you can trust when it comes to the finest and premium housekeeping services in Noida. We usually serve in sectors including corporate offices, commercial businesses, retail spaces, manufacturing facilities as well as big housing societies. We offer a wide range of institutional housekeeping services in Noida. Some of our major and premium services include:


  • Thorough office cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of office spaces
  • Dusting and cleaning
  • Interior floor cleaning
  • Exterior floor cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Washroom cleaning
  • Curtains/sofa/chair cleaning
  • Scrubbing/Polishing
  • Mechanized cleaning.


We are known as one of the best and leading institutional housekeeping agencies in Noida mainly because of our seriousness and professionalism towards our job and our exceptional style of handling various operations that distinguish us significantly. Being a modern and top-notch housekeeping service business, we have a team of qualified professionals who use updated and top-notch equipment to accomplish multiple tasks with absolute preciseness and consideration. For any kind of housekeeping service, you can call us or reach us online today to get the most satisfactory services anywhere in Noida.

Benefits of Our Housekeeping Services In Noida

As a renowned housekeeping company in Noida, we firmly acknowledge that cleanliness and tidiness are necessary for the peace of mind and health of workplace employees. Thus, businesses need to create an environment that is clean and germ-free in order to maintain the productivity and efficiency of the employees at the workplace while also retaining a good brand image.

Our professional housekeeping services help our clients to maintain their workplaces and environment hygienic and clean. Besides these important things, take a look at other benefits of institutional housekeeping services:


  • It enhances employees’ health and prevents them from getting sick at work.
  • Maintain and preserve building assets like floors, upholstery, carpets, tiles and grouts, and different items.
  • It helps to create a welcoming environment and subconsciously motivates people to work hard and remain active and zealous at workplaces.
  • Manage things in a manner that prevents any likely problems for the employees and the entire facility.

Take A Look At The Wide Range Of Housekeeping Services That We Offer

We at 360 Facility offer a wide range of exceptional housekeeping services to various businesses, manufacturing sectors, and big housing societies. Some of the primary housekeeping services that we offer are:


Dusting And Cleaning: Our team of well-trained and professional housekeeping staff does the dusting of office assets thoroughly while taking minimum time. While dusting & cleaning, our professionals use the finest equipment in order to deliver you the best cleaning results. While performing dusting and cleaning, we take appropriate precautions, such as wearing gloves and using quality products and sanitizers.


Washroom Cleaning: Washroom cleaning is one of the most challenging tasks. However, it is not a concern when we are at your assistance. Our professionals thoroughly clean the washroom’s tiles, grouts, floors, and toilets and degrease the shower, taps, and basin, accompanied by proper sanitization at the end.


Curtains/Sofa/Chair Cleaning: Curtains and upholstery are one of the essential items at a workplace; therefore, their time-to-time cleaning becomes vital too. You can get all your curtains & upholstery cleaned thoroughly by hiring our team of experts. With years of expertise in the facility management industry, we handle and accomplish all our tasks precisely.


Scrubbing/Polishing: Brighter & glossier interiors of workplaces deliver a charm and keep everyone happy and engaged. But it is only possible when you have maintained your surroundings precisely. And to give our clients what they desire, we are always at their assistance with our exceptional housekeeping services. Our team of professionals uses the latest tools and products to do immaculate scrubbing and polishing of the objects present at your workspaces.


Interior Floor Cleaning: Our adept team of experts does all the interior cleaning, including tiles, floors, and wooden flooring, with the help of advanced tools. We use only organic and eco-friendly chemical solutions while cleaning and sanitizing.


Exterior Floor Cleaning: Our team of highly skilled professionals uses the best cleaning solutions and follows the required precautionary measures to complete the exterior floor cleaning accurately.

Mechanized Cleaning: In order to give you exceptional results through our cleaning methods and services, we use efficient, advanced, and the finest tools. Advanced and mechanized equipment makes the job hassle-free for everyone and prevents extra mess and clutter.


Deep Carpet Cleaning: Carpet cleaning is one of the most challenging tasks, as carpets get dirty frequently and accumulate a lot of dust particles and debris. Therefore to give stained carpets a new and fresh look, our professionals do deep carpet cleaning using the most effective cleaning solutions so that we can bring your carpets back into their original tidy look.

Importance of Institutional Housekeeping Services

Proper housekeeping and sanitation are vital components of workplaces, no matter where the work is taking place and how; plus, it also accounts for safety. Well-maintained housekeeping services diminish diseases and encourage optimistic habits, behaviors, and mindsets among people. An efficacious housekeeping program is an essential part of workspaces and health management systems.


Institutional housekeeping services decrease waste and aids different business processes to run more steadily. Businesses that use professional housekeeping services perform well and manufacture, sell and deliver more products and fine-quality services quickly, utilizing fewer resources. Tidiness encourages productivity in workplaces; moreover, it helps in increasing revenue too.

Commercial Areas That We Cover For Housekeeping Services In Noida

Managing housekeeping at the workplace can be daunting unless you like doing it. In case you don’t enjoy doing it or lack enough time to do it, then the best solution would be to outsource the cleaning tasks to someone else. That’s right; this is where professional housekeeping companies play their role. Once you have hired a professional housekeeping service provider, there will be no hassles, and you will be more relieved and be able to focus on your other tasks too. As a leading facility management company, 360 Facility has maintained a record of delivering the best housekeeping services to numerous commercial areas in the past few decades. The major commercial areas that we cover now include corporate offices, commercial businesses, retail spaces, manufacturing facilities, as well as big housing societies.


Therefore, if you are a business owner or run an organization and looking for housekeeping companies near me, you must require the best and professional housekeeping services to ensure your workspace remains clean, hygienic, and environment-friendly. You can reach us anytime and avail our finest housekeeping services in Noida today.

Avail Our Premium Housekeeping Services Today

Time is precious. Occupied families and professionals relish quality time when they employ a top housekeeping company. Having a professional housekeeper at your side makes life more productive and comfortable. 360 Facility is a well-known housekeeping service provider that deals with various services, including institutional housekeeping, pantry services, facade cleaning, pest control, managing, and delivering more first-class aid to diverse businesses, big housing societies, corporate sectors, manufacturing industries, and different premises. We are a crew of certified experts who are proficient and provide the finest facility management services as well as housekeeping services at reasonable prices. We are always here to handle all your prerequisites associated with various facility management services and are delivering the most satisfactory commercial housekeeping services in Noida at your doorsteps. So call us or reach us online now to avail the premium housekeeping services anywhere in Noida.