360 Facility Services: One Trusted Name for Facility Management Services in India

Best Facility Management Services in India

360 Facility Services: One Trusted Name for Facility Management Services in India

Any organization’s facilities serve as a reflection of its reputation and branding success. Employees and stakeholders alike enjoy business premises that are flawlessly managed, kept up, and maintained. Effective facility management is crucial to running a business successfully. Facility management benefits from strategic planning because it aids in the business’s successful and controllable expansion. Daily operations management somehow makes facility management more appropriate and practical. The facilities manager is typically in charge of planning the security, upkeep, and repairs of the property and building. Here we  are with a complete description of the 360 Facility Services, one of the best Facility Management Services in India.

Types of Facility Management Services Offered by 360 facility Services

360Facility Services Pvt. Ltd. provides a complete and comprehensive facility management for your business.

  • Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping is a term that refers to the process of transforming your commercial or domestic space into a cleaner and healthier place. 360 Facility professionals will make sure that cleaning and maintaining your space is a fully stress-free experience for you. They assume full accountability and support your mental health as well. You must choose us if you want affordable housekeeping services in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon.

We provide a range of housekeeping service packages so that our clients can select the one that suits them best. They can either sign a package contract for our all-inclusive facility management services or employ a single cleaner for their daily needs in a smaller location.

Regardless of the size, we can provide complete cleaning services for any kind of facility. According to each customer’s unique needs, 360 Facility offers services that are fully customizable. Depending on what best meets their needs, clients can book our housekeeping services on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. We offer dusting & cleaning, interior floor cleaning, exterior floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, sofa/chairs/curtains cleaning, washroom cleaning, scrubbing/polishing, mechanized cleaning etc.

  • Pantry Services

Pantry services function as an extension of the kitchen. For the convenience of both visitors and staff, a pantry is a crucial department that must be included in every office or corporate setting. The primary goals of pantry services for office, business, and corporate events are to guarantee ease and constant availability. So keeping the highest level of hygiene plays a crucial role in this. To fully satisfy the needs of any event or business, a methodical and organized framework must be maintained.

Whether for business events or standard office requirements, we have the skills and understanding to meet any unique setup needs. Our pantry service personnel is skilled at handling busy scenarios where time is of the essence. So, rest confident that all of the food and beverages are served to your guests and staff at the appropriate times while upholding the highest standards of sanitation.

We are proud of our team of efficient pantry service professionals, who meet the numerous pantry requirements for various business setups on short notice. We are experts at managing various machines in the most effective way to ensure the complete satisfaction of your staff and visitors.

  • Facade Cleaning

Recall the New York locations used for The Friends Web series, especially the magnificent Harvey Specter office with its enormous, stunning, and crystal-clear glass windows. The ideal atmosphere and view to work in an office and create a great life. Enough of a dream?

But what if the glasses are dirty and tainted? A clean, well-kept office also makes a good first impression and sheds light on the owner’s personality, and sales figures are only one component of a company’s portrayal. Your success is aided by the office’s cleanliness, which also makes a good first impression. Although having an office in a high-rise building is a dream comes true, maintaining the glass façade is a difficult task. 360 Facility acts as a super-saver in this situation!

With a skilled crew to handle these cleaning duties, whether it is a high-rise building or a side window, 360 Facility is the best among Facade cleaning services businesses in Noida & Gurgaon. Professional cleaning work is done by our experts, who leave the space spotless.

We are aware that the jobs the business undertakes are very risky. Safety and client satisfaction are equally important to us.

  • Lawn and  Gardening

All of your outdoor needs can be met by our high-quality services. The value of your property is increased by a well-kept lawn, and we offer a full range of services, from lawn mowing to interior and outdoor plant grooming, maintenance, beautifying, and cleaning. We keep your garden setting looking its finest among the competition with our unmatched gardening services and excellent suggestions.

  • Pest Control

We have the knowledge and abilities to quickly assess the severity of any infestation you may be facing, whether it be caused by vermin, insects, or animals. Then, we will finish a full pest eradication operation using the most recent and tested techniques.

You can trust 360 Facility if you need pest control services. You should never feel uneasy in your home or place of business, and we will work tirelessly to eliminate your pest problem so that you may live or work in a secure and healthy environment once more.

Unwanted animals or insects in your home can be a major cause of annoyance. You may permanently get rid of that aggravation with the help of our pest control services.

  • Electricity Services

To ensure quality work, we only employ trained, specialized, and competent personnel for all electrical repairs and new installations. We also offer thorough services to make your environment as smooth as possible using reliable solutions.

You must get in touch with 360 Facility Services right once to guarantee reliable electrical operation at all times and to receive expert support for any electrical problem. With the appropriate tools and expertise, our skilled electrician can quickly and affordably resolve any electrical issue. For apartment buildings, IT parks, office buildings, and other commercial establishments, we offer comprehensive electrical solutions. Call us right away to receive professional assistance for all of your electrical issues.

Services we provide to determine which industry you would like our assistance in.

  • Repair and Lighting Installation for Generators
  • Electrical panel lighting repair, installation, and replacement
  • Maintaining commercial electrical equipment
  • Installation and upkeep of appliances
  • Every Electrical Repair
  • Services for Commercial Electrical
  • Electrical service installation, upkeep, and repair for apartments
  • Executing all safety checks
  • Complete electrical upkeep inside commercial grounds
  • Electrical panel installation, maintenance, and repair
  • Service electrical Improved industrial equipment upkeep and installation
  • Creating designs and electrical systems
  • Installation of a socket switch
  • Industrial Electrical Services
  • Complete House Surge Protection
  • Complete Office Surge Protection
  • Plumber Services

The filth and a minor plumbing line disruption cause our homes and offices to come to a standstill. You can’t switch to another chore until you get it fixed. If there is a plumbing problem, you need to have it fixed right away, whether it is a broken tap, a little pipe leak, or something more serious like clogged drainage or an undone flush. Otherwise, the issue could make your life miserable and make your visitors resent being at your home. Your staff’s overall productivity may suffer greatly if there is a plumbing issue at your place of business. Additionally, being close to a pipe leak is extremely unhygienic because it could harm your health.

You don’t need to get worried over that, just give us a call. You may obtain complete plumbing solutions quickly and in affordable bundles at 360 Facility. To make your life easier, we provide a wide range of plumbing solutions:

  • Minor Plumbing Repair, Cleaning, and Sewer Line Connecting
  • Cleaning and repairing clogged toilets and sinks
  • Installation and Removal of Blocked Drains and Pipes
  • Fixing Hot Water Problems
  • Tap installations and repairs
  • Overflows and Leaks Maintenance
  • Shower pressure adjustments for the cleaning of the basins and sinks
  • Installations and Repairs of Toilets
  • Installation and cleaning of water tanks
  • Installation and upkeep of water softeners and purifiers
  • Installation & Repairs of Water Heaters
  • Installation of and repair of shower enclosures
  • Replacement of pipes
  • Installation and removal of pumps,
  • Carpenter Services

We provide highly trained and skilled carpenters to cater customers’ need maintaining all safety standards. The services includes undertaking repair, maintenance, renovation and new installation work under expert guidance using high end tools and raw material which can be genuinely trusted.

Our team of skilled, knowledgeable artisans offers carpentry services for both interior and exterior projects. This includes bespoke wood furniture, repairs to skirting boards and architraves, and more. Your expectations and ideas only serve to constrain us. Do you have a specific room or area in your home or place of business that you’d like to have custom furniture made for? We can better understand your concept if we browse the internet for design ideas. We offer a full range of carpentry services, from construction to installation.

  • Skilled/Unskilled Labor

You can hire skilled crew and the full spectrum of infrastructure set up for lifting, moving, and shifting plants and other machinery. From the beginning to the conclusion, we guarantee that all of these services will be effective and safe, protecting the customers’ delight.

In Delhi (NCR), The 360 Facility Services leads the market for delivering skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled labor. We are able to meet this kind of workforce requirements for a variety of businesses, organizations, and construction firms.


Now that you have gone through the advantages of facility management along with the services offered by 360 Facility Services avail the benefits right away. 360facility.in is a reputable and trusted business that offers comprehensive facility management – housekeeping services, pantry services, facade cleaning etc. throughout the NCR, Delhi, and other regions. Our reliable services help you work for you so you can concentrate more on the things that are essential to you.

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